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Aly Chace

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Ex-academic looking for something new. Former PhD student & film instructor at GSU. Ex-anthropologist, occassional script kiddie. Freetime photographer & occasional website designer.

Currently modifying, upgrading, and refurbishing Game Boys and retro electronics at Aly's Mods. Blogging at Specular Anomalies.

Academic Interests
Technology. Gender. Trans studies. Feminist theory. Horror.

Recent Writing
- "Demonic (trans)Feminism" in Trans*migrations: Cartographies of The Queer, Litteraria Pragensia Books. PDF.
- "Xenofeminism: Immanence or Transcendence?" at
- "On Sadie Plant's Weaving Methodology" at
- "Barriers to Motherhood: Biotechnology, Reproductive Justice, and Transgender Women" at the National Women Studies Association Conference, 2018. PDF.

Recent Courses
- History of Motion Pictures, Fall 2020. PDF.
- Film Aesthetics and Analysis, Spring 2020. PDF.

Websites Designed
- Morgan Tamayo (personal website). LINK.
- Specular Anomalies (academic blog). LINK.